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Camilla Hammerich - Rotten Tomatoes They want to get the best ratings which add a realistic motivation to their actions. She finds it entertaining. We know the prime minister watches it.

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Strong, compelling roles for women provide part of the explanation. Were you able to shoot on location easily?

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In the show, Nyborg becomes the first woman to run the country and quickly finds herself embroiled in mystery and controversy. Our creator and head writer, Adam Price, has always been very politics. But she is not always happy with developments in the life of Birgitte Nyborg. This was months before we even aired anything. People love a strong story.

It came as a surprise to all of us. They were so worried that we would show political bias so we had to balance things all of the time. He wanted to make a political series about the first female Prime Minister of Denmark over four years before Helle Thorning-Schmidt was elected. But for the time being, as Denmark's ambassador to Britain, Anne Hedensted Steffensen, has pointed out, series such as The Killing and Borgen are raising the country's profile abroad. He was mocked for his English in the press.

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We are amazed and happy it is possible. When an actor is good at something we use it in the script.

Interview by Antony Smith. We talked to her about what it was like being a top female politician.

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Writers have the final say. So much for the worry that British viewers would never take to subtitles. If we had a left-wing plug in one episode, we had to have a right-wing plug in the next episode.

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Lots of parallels are drawn between Thorning-Schmidt and Nyborg. The rules are straightforward. However, our target audience has always been the Danish viewers. It is no different than any other drama series.

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It has because Adam Price and I have worked in television for big broadcasters throughout all of our lives, almost! In the drama's first series, the toll exacted on family life by Nyborg's political career is explored at length as the character's daughter suffers from depression. So that was, basically, a kind of therapy for me. We have a board of politicians that decides everything here. In the first episode the plot begins in London, who is dating justin bieber moment but that was for the benefit of Danes rather than the potential export market.

Camilla Hammerich

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The name is pronounced Pree-ce. Are you able to have a career and take care of your family and yourself all at the same time? Six years is quite a long time.

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Which party do you support? This is why he felt it would be more challenging for all of us to take Birgitte outside of politics. Together, they exchange knowledge and experience and look for the new ways to develop the media industry. It must have been a very uncanny experience for this co-existence to occur at the same time. We know that crime shows can travel outside of Denmark but that a political series could do so well was a big surprise to all of us.

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