California State Vaccine Requirements

California mandating vaccines

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The Disneyland measles outbreak led him to pitch the idea of a vaccination-requirement bill to his legislative colleagues. Medical experts, including Dr. And opponents of the proposal have filed papers with the state to initiate the process of recalling Pan and Sen. She expressed relief that lawmakers approved the proposal.

Family physician Carla Kakutani, M. Ongoing provider outreach and public education about vaccines and the diseases they prevent may also lead to such an increase.

Pan had a special interest in this legislation because he previously had worked as a pediatrician in Philadelphia during a measles outbreak that killed nine people. More gathered for the vote on Thursday. Luther Cobb, president of the California Medical Assn. Kakutani said California has some pockets of population where the penetrance of immunizations is too low to keep the herd immunity up. Then we need ongoing grassroots advocacy work by our members to get specific bills passed.

While it is clear that no medical intervention is without risk, the evidence shows that immunization powerfully benefits and protects the community. The organization also worked with a coalition of interested parties, including the California Medical Association, to get the bill passed. The dispute has sometimes been acrimonious.

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Those with medical conditions such as allergies and immune-system deficiencies, confirmed by a physician, would be excused from immunization. Hopefully, said Kakutani, the new vaccination mandate will lead to more opportunities for physicians to discuss vaccines with patients and make them more comfortable with these key preventive tools.

It isn't anticipated that the new vaccine mandate will affect how California family physicians approach vaccination or stock their vaccines. When it comes to exemptions for valid medical reasons, family physicians hold the key under the new law.