Black widow falcon dating

Black widow falcon dating

Regardless, Natasha just did not care. However, if we look at the comics, it's actually revealed that Black Widow is a lot older than we first thought. As it turns out, this only happened so Bruce could come and save her without even needing to turn into Hulk. They were very disappointed.

The Winter Soldier, adjusting to life where the government she relied on was no longer reliable. While the idea of a keyword that calms Hulk can make a bit of sense, the manner it which it came to be is incredibly rocky and unrealistic.

Following this, Natasha really didn't seem to care at all that her romantic interest disappeared off of the map with no explanation whatsoever. She's not supposed to be the love interest or the damsel in distress. Had their romance been told visually in addition to verbally, audiences likely would have appreciated their love story a bit more.

After everything that Natasha has been through, she has certainly proven that she doesn't need a man to keep her stable, which is why she has never gone for anything long term in the comics. Instead, she's the one who goes out to save the day. By the end of the movie, both she and Captain America handled the struggle in different ways.

Secondly, the biggest issue, is how this concept came into fruition. Had there been set up for the Hulk and Black Widow romance, perhaps fans would've been more likely to believe it. This was an incredibly forced part of the plot that was absolutely unnecessary and made no sense whatsoever. This isn't to say that Natasha couldn't eventually get over this terrifying incident, as she is a strong woman.

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Regardless Natasha just did not care

The Winter Soldier, Black Widow and Falcon were actually dating, or at least that's how he interpreted it. Rather than being seen as another hero for the Avengers, Black Widow was treated more like a romantic interest to Hulk.

As it turns out this only

While it's very possible for a relationship to exist without the physical factor, it's unlikely that this would be the kind of relationship that Natasha would want. While this likely did have something to do with the fact that Bruce was afraid of what Hulk could do, it still doesn't explain why Natasha wouldn't want to go help him. The Winter Soldier, it looked a lot like a romance would be starting between Natasha and Captain America. Going forward, though, it is a good thing that Black Widow and the Hulk are no longer romantically interested in each other. Mentally, Black Widow is about a hundred years old, which would put her at a completely different state of mind than almost any other Avenger.

However if we look at