An older man dating a younger woman

An older man dating a younger woman

Labels are generally never a good idea. It is not about being a gold-digger or a social climber. Older men tend to be more romantic as well. The fact that the man has made it that far in life also is a clue that he has good genetics and robust health, making him a desirable mate.

These differences will keep the relationship fresh and exciting. They live a healthier lifestyle. When you began the relationship, you were already established and matured.

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Also, discuss how you will handle the situation if your families are opposed to the relationship, and talk about the elephant in the room. They are also more sensitive to their partner's needs. The two of you must talk about your expectations, needs and fears. They are very confident and so they carry themselves very well, especially in public. He now works as a personal trainer, and the couple lives in Portland, Ore.

They know what they want and they go for it. This type of behavior is apparent right from the beginning so use some caution when you're first getting to know an older guy.

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They are more financially stable. There are a lot of good reasons why some women like me prefer older men, and I am going to enumerate some of them here. This will actually play in your favor. Being in a December-May relationship is definitely not for everyone.

Instead, they take a more focused, laid-back approach. They are looking for more serious relationships. Know What You Want Before going on a first date, know what type of relationship you want.

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