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Client is a Reservist who was mobilized along with his unit to deploy to the Middle East. In a previous hearing he chose to plead guilty to the false official statement. The alleged victim was moved to the states to a location that was very close to her friends and family. Neither knew that the other would be attending the wedding. The client was not seized with the weapon on him.

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Sometime in the early morning, both the client and the alleged victim awaken at roughly the same time or maybe the alleged victim never fell asleep. She had lied to investigators, and her chain of command during several investigations on her not related to this case. Jordan won his motion to suppress the statement in question because the Government failed to properly notify his client of his rights when they initially questioned him.

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The Defense also showed that he had a stellar enlisted career, and that he had served well as a Warrant Officer. The other issue in dispute was who told who to delete text messages.

By that time Army Ground Forces had been reorganized as an army group headquarters that commanded six geographic armies. At least in this case he was found not guilty based on what the evidence said.

As a part of this realignment, most of the regional readiness commands were eliminated, leaving only seven globally. However, the defense discovered that she had written several journal entries on how she made all of the allegations up.

This Soldier had a stellar career, and the full support of his immediate chain of command. The right result occurred in this case.

Over the course of the statement, he pointed to his upper chest and told the agent that the alleged victim in the case had kissed him, leaving marks. Jordan and his team able to achieve victory on behalf of their Client. There was broken glass everywhere.

This case required some heavy lifting. There were several specific instances where the Client was manipulated unwittingly into doing things that were against his interests. Jordan has won for his clients. Both parties agreed that she came to the room to talk about her very recent break up with her boyfriend. Then, the accuser started dating someone else.

Thankfully his statement was the truth. During this walk they conversed and held hands in spite of the fact that Client had informed the alleged victim that he was in a long term, long distance relationship.

He was protecting himself. Although the War Department requested funds for needed facilities, Congress moved slowly in response. The Defense also capitalized on the fact that there were rumors surrounding the nature of the relationship between the Client and the complaining witness.

Army Reserve soldiers are subject to mobilization throughout the term of their enlistment. She had plenty of opportunities to inflict a tremendous amount of damage upon the Client and she did not do so. This referred report was given in spite of the fact that the investigation officer had opined there was no substantiation to any of the claims made against our client.

The board recognized this Soldier for who he was. All charges dealing with obstruction of justice and false official statement were effectively withdrawn and dismissed. Jordan's team had to contend with was the conspiracy and the drug distribution charges.