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He sends Caitlin and Wyatt to try to get her to come back to the Penalty Box but Jen doesn't know what to do. Ron the Rent-a-Cop seems determined to put an end to Christmas by confiscating all of the Mall decorations and otherwise getting out of control and abusing his power as the head of mall security. Jonsey feels rotten for what he did, so he tries to convince Ron to give Jude the job, but Ron gives him a big fat no and he calls Jude a loser. Jen and Nikki are modern-day Cryanos text messaging Caitlin vital information to help her look the part. Once it happens, Ron hears about it, and just tries to forget about it and let someone else take care of it.

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Not only has her new job been taken a lot out of her, but her mom's cancer doesn't help, adding on top of that her first boyfriend from college broke up with her shortly after her mom broke the news. Meanwhile, Ron puts Wyatt in mall jail on a trumped-up charge of littering and blackmails him into teaching Ron how to play the guitar to play a song for his crush Yummy Mummy. Now that I'm done with the Olympics, I've decided to pursue a career in event planning. Five friends want to get jobs in the Mall and meet Caitlin, who ends up as a sixth member of the gang. In the end, Jude takes a picture of everyone gathered around the new baby, Emma.

When Caitlin hands the gang free cell phones that her father's company is testing, the guys take full advantage of all the free calls they can make. Meanwhile, Nikki seeks revenge by playing a huge prank on the Khaki Clones. It just won't be tomorrow, that's all - but he can wait. Jude has a new girlfriend all across the world- in Australia.

The gang then goes to a movie but then are kicked out for making too much noise. The others see this happen and tell Ron, but he thinks that they're just pulling a prank on him and he refuses to help them. He's taken up a full time job at the Stereo Shack, now attends meetings with Darth's Jedi Knight club, and has somehow managed to put his womanizing, skirt chasing ways behind him. The next morning at sharp Jen Masterson wakes up, prepared to conquer the day. He dislikes wimps, working at stores that chicks don't shop at, and losing games.

Jonesy wants to be discovered, but the director decides to pick Jen, who later gets a supporting role in the film, after one of the actresses decides to drop out. Meanwhile, Wyatt starts dating Lacey, a girl who has way too much in common with him and it starts to creep Wyatt out. The feud starts when Jonesy sees Jen topless.

Now, the gang is back together to celebrate Nikki and Jonesy's wedding. Caitlin really likes Kyle Donaldson, a handsome tennis player, so Jen and Jonesy try to help her to get a date with him. Alan Park guest stars as Tim. This gets Jude fired, and banned from the mall forever! Meanwhile, Jonesy gets employed by Ron the Rent-a-cop.

Jonesy accidentally breaks up George and Gracie Bickerson's marriage and Nikki won't speak to Jonesy until he gets them back together. Wyatt is not very happy about his birthday. Jen's got boys following her around like drooling puppies but barely even notices. Nikki and Jonesy find a perfect candidate named Dax who is an old friend of Nikki's, but Caitlin feels that the guy that she found, Dougray, temporary power hook up is even more perfect.

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So, the gang is forced to pose as college majors, including Jonesy as a gynecology student. Wyatt's caring nature, sensitivity, and his best friend status made the flirty blonde miss her single life. Meanwhile Jude's lucky coin falls into the air vent and he gets stuck while trying to retrieve it. Can they help each other in time for the big mall party? Coach Halder than realizes that it was actually a candy bar put on Jen's bag that looked like the prized posetion, dating site intros examples and it was really Charlie Dobbs bag.

Caitlin tells how she feels about Jude, even during and after he was dating Starr. He tells Starr that they were done and that he is dating Max now. Everyone is for it, how to get your except Jen. Wyatt tries to impress the older Serena by making her believe that he is more mature than she thinks.

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6Teen Season 2 Episode 3
  • It works for a while but fail later.
  • The two girls love Wyatt's honesty and maturity and ignore Jonesy's disgusting style.
  • But she then puts them back.
  • Wyatt encourages this because Mike used to take his cookies in kindergarten.
  • Meanwhile, Jen wants to end her relationship with Charlie Dobbs, but the gang loves him and persuades Jen to keep her relationship with Charlie, much to her dismay.

Jonesy and Nikki have been together for three months. You two sound like teenagers again. After failing to get dates, nepal dating app they decide to stay with Nikki and have a great time. Attack of the Shenanigans. He's everything she's ever wanted in a guy and they're absolutely crazy about each other.

But they were too late, or were they? Caitlin fights with her former friend Tricia to discover who is the biggest shopper in the mall at a Khaki Barn contest. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

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  1. Jen ends up going to the amusement park, where Coach Halder catches her and puts her on probation, she however, doesn't care and continues having fun.
  2. Jonsey got fired from every store in the mall accept Sleepys.
  3. Nikki suggested sarcastically to join a speed dating session, and Jonesy decided he wanted to host it because he got kicked from his last job, and needed money.
  4. Christmas and the Stress is getting to Jen, Catlin loses the will to shop and Nikki doesn't want to go to Acapulco with her parents.

Later, Jude and Ron get hooked on a romantic soap opera. And also Caitlin makes a bet with Tricia that her cooking was better. Therefore, the gang makes numerous tries to get her to call in sick. He soon finds out that chicks are impressed with his sweet grandson routine, and he exploits the situation to get dates.

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Jude teaches Wyatt to loosen up by coaching him to skateboard like a pro, while Caitlin makes Jen go out with her on an unwanted double-date. List of jobs the gang has. Jude gives people his ridiculous advice, leading to catastrophic events with Wyatt stuck up a ladder when he is afraid of heights. But after Nikki and Wyatt attempt to get tattoos, Jen finally bursts out. Jonsey and Nikki go farther in there friendship by thinking about being with each other forever while Caitlin gets banned from the mall for shoplifting.

When Jude actually does it himself, it turned out he was a genius, which was obviously a stroke a luck. When Nikki finds out about this, she feels betrayed and hits Jonesy with a chair. As for Jude, hes flattered when a series of mannequins identical to him start popping up in store displays that is, until one is spotted sporting a pair of leopard print bikini briefs. Later that afternoon, Nikki spills her drink, causing Jonesy to slide across the food court, into a pile of dirty gym clothes. DawgToy, a boy band, comes to the mall, so Caitlin and Jen try to get close to their idols, but Nikki accidentally wins the competition for a role in DawgToy's video, which makes Jen jealous.

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Jonesy accidentally sees Jen completely naked, so she decides to hide. This animated series about the trials and tribulations of its adolescent characters debuted in on Canada's Teletoon network. Both guys only notice Caitlin and not Jen due to Jen's hideous poodle sweatshirt and her drooling over both of them, along with Caitlin fluttering her eyelashes at both boys.

If it's extreme, he's done it - or it's on his list. Touched by his words, Jen can feel the tears springing in her eyes. It's my last night as a free man!

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Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. He finds himself a job there. She's kind and fun with an edge, but her strongest personality trait is definitely her determination.

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Jude is done with Starr and other girls like her. Venom is attacking the Galleria Mall! When Jude introduces her to the others, Max becomes part of the group.

Jonesy-Nikki Relationship

Jonesy-Nikki Relationship

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